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KMSpico Activator 2021 How to Activate Microsoft Office ?

KMSpico is a program that uses the key management system to activate Microsoft software for free. It’s been around for ages, and it is one of the most trusted free activators you can get. Despite its massive popularity, it is a bit hard to find. A lot of folks don’t know how to activate Microsoft Office with KMSpico activator.

Using KMSpico is not hard, but it isn’t a one-click thing either. It needs multiple instances of manual security clearance for windows 8 and up. You also need to manually set its directory and manually mark it safe from the antivirus.

Still, the hardest part is finding the right program. The internet is littered with numerous KMS software. Some of them are less-than-ideal for computers. You also need the one that corresponds to your version of MS Office. That sounds way more complex than it is. I’ll cover how and where to download the right KMSpico to make your activation process hassle-free.

Which MS Office Versions Does KMSpico Support? 

So far, KMSpico can activate MS office 2016, 365, 2013, 2010, 2007. Yes, it covers all the necessary versions of the office. Other than that, it can also activate Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and even Windows Vista. 

Most regular KMS software can only activate Windows. Some specific one’s work for the older versions of MS Word, and other office software. The KMSpico is different in that it can work on all of these. However, Windows 11 activation still has some issues. Team Daz will hopefully get that in working order soon.

The most advanced version of the KMS activator is the KMS VL All. It’s far more powerful than KMSpico and supports every relevant version of MS office. But it is harder to use. That’s because it is a script, and setting it up takes some tech skills. KMSpico is more lightweight than any other KMS activator.

Activating MS Office With KMSpico

The activation process is similar for all versions of the software. The installation process is very crucial for smooth performance. Almost all the issues of KMSpico originate from faulty installations. 

Here’s a step-by-step list of what to do:

Step 1: Download the KMSpico File from Here.

Step 2: Extract the file, and locate the executable named KMSpico.exe.

Step 3: Open Windows Security Settings. Navigate to “Virus & threat protection” from the menu. Once there, turn off Real-time protection, Cloud-Delivered Protection, Automatic Sample Submission, and Temper protection. You have to turn them off individually to make the changes effective immediately.

ms-office-activator KMSpico Activator 2021

Step 4: Click on Windows Firewall, and Disable it for a while.

Step 5: Double-click the executable, It will run you through a standard installation process. Take note of the installation directory.

Step 6: Go back to the windows defender>Virus and threats Settings> manage options. Scroll down and click on “Exclusions”. Select the installation directory of KMSpico and place it in the exclusion list.

Step 7: At this point, KMSpico has been installed. Select it from the Apps and wait for the UI to load. You should see a windows icon, an office icon, and a big red button. These icons should correspond to your Windows and Office versions. Click on the Office icon and then the big red button.


Step 6: Wait for the key to run, and it will give you an audio confirmation once it’s done. You may now turn your system defenses back on.

That’s it, your MS Word should fully activate after that. Now restart the pc after the installation, as that is part of the finishing ritual of any installation.

How to Download KMS Activator for MS Office?

As I mentioned before, KMS activators are abundant over the internet. Some work fine, while others are less-than-safe for your pc. That is not Team Daz’s fault, since they distribute their software for free. Unethical folks take advantage of it and spread malware disguised as the original files.

That is why downloading the proper file is crucial. The tempered files might contain a corrupted key that doesn’t work or other harmful things. Then again, the original KMSpico files are distributed through more than one source. So, it gets kind of confusing for folks who don’t know what they are doing.

So far, the most obscure KMS activator for the MS software has been the KMS VL ALL. It’s an amalgamation of all the keys currently applicable for Windows. You generally won’t see it on all the websites, but GitHub and MyDigitalLife have quite a few sources for this one. Still, try to avoid this one for MS Office because it’s a bit redundant.

A general rule of thumb, try to avoid websites that “feel” shady. These websites usually have a lot of ads. KMSpico is a free distribution file, so a software site like GitHub is a better option. Most of the websites that are based solely on KMS and KMSpico aren’t very trustworthy from my experience. But there are certainly a few exceptions. 

In most cases, you will need to download a compressed file. So, unzipping software is also necessary if you are a Windows 7 user. Do not install if you download a “.exe” file. It most likely is not a safe copy.

Download KMSpico

Advantages of KMS Office 

KMSpico uses the key management technology to validate expired or pirated versions of MS Office. It’s a simple activation key that lets you enjoy the benefits of the full software without paying anything. As you might know, there are other activation keys on the web too. Things like KMSAuto, and Microsoft toolkit are top alternatives.

So, what makes KMSpico better? KMSpico and KMSAuto are both developed by the same team. But KMSpico gained more popularity because it supports more languages and is lightweight. KMSAuto works fine, but it only has an English interface.

The activation method is genuine through and through. Microsoft won’t trouble you for it, neither will anyone else. However, you need to go through the installation process properly. Back when I wasn’t as tech-savvy, I did multiple faulty activations. Mostly due to antivirus software.

It’s easier and more streamlined now. So, the key is far more user-friendly than it used to be. The latest version works on mostly all the relevant MS Office and Windows versions. You also don’t need to deal with the hassle of keeping KMSpico in your system like the Microsoft Toolkit. 

That Toolkit works by answering the activation requests every 90 days. While a properly installed KMSpico will last you a lifetime after you finish activating. That means you don’t have to keep the installer in your system if you do not want to.

Some Issues You May Encounter When Using KMS Office 

KMSpico has its fair share of issues. If you are lucky, you won’t ever see them, but on the off chance you do, here are some common issues and their fixes:

Problems After Windows Update

Sometimes you might see your Office activation status get canceled after an update. This is more common on windows activation than MS Office.  

It is a bit annoying; I know, but there’s no way around it. You have to reactivate it by downloading another KMSpico copy.

Temporary Activation

You might face this issue if you do any of the installation steps wrong, or have a corrupted file. What this does is saddle you with a temporary activation that runs out after a month or so. Then the system will ask you to reactivate it.

The best way to avoid this issue is by getting the KMSpico copy from a reliable source. Then install it by following all the necessary steps. Remove the existing KMSpico from your device first, before you reinstall KMSpico or KMS.

Security Issues

Well, this is a very common thing that people freak out about. All antivirus software will view KMSpico and other similar activation software as malware. This is a particularly severe issue on Windows 10 because the defender won’t let you run the activator at all.

The Windows firewall will similarly restrict it from going online. That’s why I said it’s necessary to turn all of them off before running KMSpico. If you want to install it, then manually whitelist the directory on your hard drive. Thankfully it is a one-time thing.

There are many unofficial activators for MS software. All of them have a certain degree of risks associated with them. Comparatively, KMSpico is safer than most. You simply need to avoid getting a tempered copy. So, download only using the links provided here in this article.


That should be all the information you need on how to activate Microsoft Office with the KMSpico activator. It is an easy-to-use software and it does not need much processing power. Its fame is both a boon and a curse.

Unethical folks try to take advantage of its popularity to temper the activator to include malicious programs. That is why you need to find a reliable website to download the file. The internet is full of pitfalls, so be very cautious. 

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