KMSPico 10.1.9 Final Windows and Office Activator


KMSPico by Daz Team is one of the best activators for Microsoft Windows and Office. By using this activator, you can activate your Microsoft Office and Windows without buying a license key. So, you can enjoy these products for the lifetime. KMSPico tool is designed for the Microsoft products like Windows and Office.

We know that Microsoft products are very important for computer users. You cannot use these Microsoft products without purchase, but it is a very high price. In the premium version, you will get many cool features. So, you want to unlock any premium features for your Windows and Office; then you must activate it.

So, you need the best activator that ables to activate your Windows and Office for the permanent. KMSPico 10.1.9 Final is a great application that you can use for activation. Today, you will get a complete guideline about KMS activator. You should read the whole articles; then you can activate your Windows and Office for the lifetime.

What is KMSPico Tool?

KMSPico is an excellent tool that can be used for activation of Microsoft Windows or Office. That means you can register your Windows or Office without purchase. Maybe you know that you must buy these products, but the price is little high. There are many cool and premium features on these products. You must enter the product license key to enjoying premium features. Now you can use KMSauto final version which is a free tool for everyone. You can make the Windows and Office premium version by using this tool.

KMSPico application will activate your Windows or Office for the lifetime. So, you can unlock these premium features and limitations. With this tool, you will get the fully activated of Windows and Office. So, you able to enjoy these premium features for free. You can use Microsoft product keys for registration of your Office 2016 and Windows 10. That’s why kmspico is one of the most powerful and popular activator for everyone. This is the best option for them who doesn’t want to purchase Microsoft products.


Why Needs KMSpico Tool?

Many cool features are available in Kmspico that makes this tool more accessible. Here you can enjoy these features for the lifetime in below:

Makes Genuine:

  • After activating Windows and Office, You will get the genuine version. That means you can’t find any difference between the KMS activated and paid version. So, if you want to make the genuine version of Windows or Office, you should use this application.

No- Expired Date:

  • There is no expired date after activation. So, you can use these products for a lifetime. It will not expire after 30 days, 90 days or any period. This activator will do a permanent solution of activation.

No Detection:

  • Microsoft can’t detect that it is activated by kmspico or used purchase key. So, it is fully secure for you. The developer’s team frequently updates the kms activator for keeping the genuine looks up. So it cannot detect by owner company.

Supports 32-bit and 64-bit:

  • You can use this application in your Windows 32-bit or 64-bit operating system. But you must need minimum on Windows XP operating system when you use the tools.

100% Clean and Safe:

  • There is no virus, malware, adware or hidden harmful codes in KMSpico tool. But you should be careful when you download from different sources. Because sometimes you can be downloaded corrupt files with malware.

One Click to Activate:

  • After installing the program, you can activate your Windows or Office with just a click. You need just to click one red button on KMspico, and it will activate your program automatically. After completion, it will notify via a message that activation has completed.

100% Free:

  • You don’t need to pay for activation of Windows or Office because it is totally free. You will also get lifetime free supports.


Features of KMS Activator:

  • KMSlite is a free application.
  • 100% virus and malware free.
  • Very easy to use with simple interface.
  • Activate  Windows and Office for the lifetime.
  • Unlock any limits on Windows and office.
  • Supports any Windows with 32 bit and 64 bit.
  • There are no expired date of activation.
  • Microsoft cannot detect the activation.
  • Fully secure, safe and clean for use.
  • Support multi-languages.

How to Download KMS Tools?

We know that kmspcio is the best way to activate Windows and Office. On the Internet, you will get many websites where you can download KMS Activator latest version. But It is very hard to find the virus free download link because mostly you need to complete link shorter ads or survey to get the download link. But today, we are providing the KMSpico final version for free. So, you should download KMS Activator from our websites and use for Windows and Office activation.

Download: Mirror Link

How to Use It?

Before installing the application, you must need to install the latest of .Net Framework 4.0 or above version. You can download from here. You also need to turn off antivirus and firewall process during the first time use because sometimes Antivirus can detect this tool as a virus or malware. After that, please follow all the steps given below:

  • Download Kmspico 10 latest version from the given link.
  • Run the setup file and complete installation.
  • Go to the install directory and find out KMSpico.
  • You can also run from the program list.
  • A new windows will appear as kms activation.
  • There are three buttons. Now click on the red switch button.
  • It will detect the program which need to activate.
  • After completed, you will see ‘Successfully Activated’.
  • Your Windows or Office is Genuine version.
  • Enjoy for the lifetime!


After complete these steps, you have done to activate your Windows and Office application by using KMSPico tool. Now you can enjoy these programs for the permanent and lifetime. These activated applications cannot expire in future. You are able to enjoy any premium features for free. If you need any help or support, just contact us. Please share the post with your friends.

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